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Our mission

To provide our customers with efficient, high quality homes by offering superior products,

service and craftsmanship.​


Victor Manuel

At a young age, I discovered a passion for building things.  Being raised in a family of contractors and builders, I was exposed to all aspects of the construction industry. 

Over the years, I have worked in nearly every trade involved in the building process.  This has provided me with a unique understanding of what it takes to build a home.  This experience also helped me to appreciate the needs and challenges of the people involved, including the tradesmen, suppliers, and most importantly the homeowners. 

I recognize the work we do has a profound effect on the family that will live there.  With nearly 30+ years of experience in the building industry, we focus on bringing the many elements of the process together to ensure each home is as close as possible to what the homeowner imagined.​

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