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Is now a good time to build?

We have been blessed in south Louisiana to have maintained a relatively strong economy, even while the rest of the country experienced a recession.  Cost of housing will continue to increase, and waiting for prices to go down or stabilize may prove frustrating.

Why is it important for a builder to be “on-site”?

This should be one of the top concerns for homeowners choosing a custom builder. Contractors that are on-site can manage a job more effectively by streamlining the logistics of building a home. Being on the job enables builders to react quickly to questions or needs from subcontractors and helps to avoid costly delays and mistakes. It also shows that he cares about the quality of your home. An on-site contractor is much more likely to pay attention to the fine details that ordinary builders would fail to notice.

How do I choose a contractor?

Referrals from peers will take the guesswork out of almost any purchase but is especially valuable in choosing a builder. Visiting spec or model homes is another great way to get started. You’ll immediately begin to notice differences from one builder to the next. You want a contractor working for you that keeps your best interests in mind. It’s also important to consider that you will be working very closely with your builder, so pick one that you feel comfortable with. Flexibility, enthusiasm, and good communication are good qualities to look for. After narrowing your search, ask others who have purchased homes from each builder about their experience.

Why should we use a custom builder instead of a tract builder?

The main reasons to choose a custom builder over a tract builder is the ability to communicate directly with your general contractor and the capability to react quickly to changes. You want to be able to call someone and get an answer, not have to leave a message with the receptionist and wait hours or days for an answer. Tract builders are also known for offering inexpensive prices and smothering customers with hidden charges by offering low allowances and costly change orders. By not dealing with the builder directly, you lose control and suffer a breakdown in communication which is typically your biggest asset in making certain you get what you want.

How do we start the process of building a custom home?

The first step is to find a lot and get bank pre-approval. Next, is to meet with the builder so that a floor plan can be chosen and customized to meet your specific needs. After selecting a home plan, choose features and amenities that fit into your budget. Next, the builder will create a bid proposal.  specifying the materials being used such as lighting, cabinetry and flooring. After the contract is signed by both parties, the homeowner takes it to the bank along with the blueprint in order to secure the loan. The bank will inspect the property upon request and allocate draws to the builder depending on the percentage of the home completed during each appraisal.


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